Ionian Webworks can help you to gain a presence on the internet or improve your existing site by working with you to create a professional, elegant website that accurately reflects you and your business. An effective website is a crucial marketing tool that will help promote your business but it must not only look good, it must also give your customers and potential customers a clear understanding of the products or services you provide. We can utilise not only our programming expertise but our broader business experience as well as a large dose of common sense in order to help you achieve this.

Simple or Complex

We can build a simple but stylish website of one or just a few pages or a more complex website with a range of functionality such as image galleries and videos, on-line shopping and forms for customers to complete and submit, as well as anything else in between!


Our aim is to ensure that our websites are fully responsive and work on all major browsers on PC, Mac and mobile devices. We can also offer advice on domain name registration, hosting packages, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and statistical analysis.


We can offer a face-to-face aspect to our service to clients throughout Cornwall and further afield. Whilst much website design can obviously be done remotely, we feel it is beneficial to be able to meet in person. This gives us a better understanding of you and your business and, equally importantly, you of us. We believe a good business relationship has a degree of personal interaction which involves building trust, confidence and understanding of one another.


We feel that each business and business owner is unique, and so should be their website. Therefore we do not use 'off the shelf' templates that can restrict the design and flexibility of your website. Equally though, we believe that there's no point reinventing the wheel, so we re-use code and ideas that work well where appropriate. We aim for professional, creative and elegant designs but avoid flash, animated gifs and what we feel are other unnecessary fripperies that distract your customers from understanding your business clearly and quickly.


The best website designs, we believe, are developed by close collaboration between us and our clients. We know that some clients may have a very clear vision for their website, but other clients may have just some vague ideas and we are happy to work to realise that clear vision or help cultivate a vague idea into a final design. All our code is well structured, well commented and thoroughly tested.

Attention to detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail which will ensure that your website will not only look impressive, but be informative, relevant and accurate. We will work closely with you to achieve this by combining your expertise and knowledge of your business, using your content as well as assisting with our own knowledge, research and copywriting skills and experience if/where applicable. Our attention to detail includes a pedantic obsession with correct spelling and grammar. It is widely reported that poor spelling and grammar on a website loses credibility for the company and results in the loss of potential business. Poor grammar and spelling also adversely affect search engine rankings.

A picture paints a thousand words

It's a cliché, but true. Although well written text is crucial, images are also essential for most websites, and we can arrange professional photography if required, as well as logo and other graphic design.


We know that good website design is a process that may involve several iterations before both you and we are happy with the end result, and we will continue to work with you to accomplish this. Right from the start of design of your website, we will upload pages onto 'development' space on our web space so that you will see exactly what your website will look like with every addition or modification. Even once your website has gone live, we will gladly make small modifications and tweaks to ensure you have the website you want.


Unlike some companies, we don't quote a price per page; this is because one page may have no more than a few paragraphs of text, whereas another may have text, images, video, forms and other functionality and therefore would take much longer to produce. Also some clients provide content and copywriting, whereas others require us to do that too. So we feel it's much better to discuss a potential project with each client, then produce a written proposal and quotation.