About Us

We both enjoy the creativity of writing and have written several freelance articles for yachting magazines. We aim to write in an engaging, entertaining and informative manner and are both quite pedantic about spelling & grammar. We've had numerous unprompted flattering comments about our Yacht Pipit website which is a record of our adventures aboard, and about our magazine articles, so we guess we must be getting something right and so apply these principles to our website design!

Andy MacKellar

I grew up in South Gloucestershire and when not wielding a soldering iron to build my latest electronic project, enjoyed messing about with all things mechanical, including building a go-kart powered by a 50cc moped engine.

I graduated in 1987 with a 2.1 in Electronic Engineering. After two years of permanent employment I took the plunge and became a freelance software engineer. For over 31 years I have provided consultancy to the likes of Lloyd's Registry of Shipping, ABB, NATS, Thales and RWE npower. More recently I, together with Ann, have specialised in all aspects of website design.

I enjoy cooking, good food & wine and travelling, and have often combined these interests, notably on driving holidays to Italy, in an Alfa Romeo of course! When not behind the wheel of a car or boat I enjoy walking, probably as a result of my childhood spent in and around the Cotswolds.

Ann Rowe

Born in Canada, I grew up in California, spent 13 years living in Australia and 17 years in Cornwall in the UK. My accent, influenced by all of these countries, throws most people I meet!

My varied working career began in retail management and retail personnel management, moving into retail banking management and then payroll management. After emigrating from Australia to the UK, I worked in the health & safety sector, managing the administration of the Head Office of an electrical safety testing company's national franchise network.

I love cooking (and eating good food!), music, travelling, history, walking and sailing, and feel privileged that I have been able to enjoy all of these during the five year journey Andy and I made to the Ionian from the UK aboard Pipit.

The Adventure

In 2010, we set sail from Plymouth, UK aboard our yacht Pipit and spent the next three years slowly making our way to the beautiful Ionian Islands of Greece. This trip was inspired by previous charter holidays in the Ionian but, rather than rushing straight to the Med, we wanted to explore and enjoy as many places as possible along the way. This we achieved and you can read about our adventure here.

Having finally arrived in the Ionian in 2013, we spent two seasons further exploring the area, as well as visiting favourite haunts. This was interspersed with some website design work and by late 2014, we were being asked to develop more and more websites, so decided it was perhaps time to create Ionian Webworks!

In the spring of 2015, we relocated back to the Cotswolds in the UK, but Pipit remained in the Ionian for us to enjoy during holidays. Although we subsequently sold Pipit in 2017 we still love the Ionian and plan to maintain our links there, both social and business. In June 2018 we moved to Cornwall where we were lucky enough to build our 'dream' home. We plan to continue developing our website design business, offering our services to small & medium sized companies in Cornwall and throughout the South West and beyond.